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Xerox Holdings Corporation (also known simply as Xerox) is an American corporation that sells print and digital document products and services in more than 160 countries. Xerox is headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut (having moved from Stamford, Connecticut, in October 2007), though its largest population of employees is based around Rochester, New York, the area in which the company was founded. The company purchased Affiliated Computer Services for $6.4 billion in early 2010. As a large developed company, it is consistently placed in the list of Fortune 500 companies.

A former employee says "Almost impossible to grow inside the company, positions are often arbitrarily assigned, salary adjustments almost never happen, there's a lot of people in senior positions without any leadership skills."


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Former Employee - National Account Manager says

"Pretty much everything there is"

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Have to be on call the entire day. Not allowed to take breathers between calls."

Former Employee - Specialist says

"Low moral, deep cuts, gaps in career progression."

Former Employee - Leasing Manager says

"Employees are NOT valued. Company is trying to outsource everything function possible and not have the expense associated with employees. Why would anyone want to work at a company that has no plans to revitalize the organization but to only outsource it piece by piece? THERE IS NO FUTURE HERE!"

Former Employee - Sales says

"Managing sales teams through embaressment and intimidation, unclear processes that change frequently with changes not communicated."

Former Employee - Marketing Manager says

"They can't go out of business soon enough."

Current Employee - Field Service Technician says

"too many to list here"

Former Employee - Sales says

"Silo'd internal management, slow process, difficult to obtain information, slow product delivery"

Current Employee - Senior Project Manager says

"Management lies. No promotions, no salary increase, mediocre benefits. Sales driven, cheapskates all around. Failing business. Poor culture. Arrogance in the managing group, treat all under them as if they have no value and nothing to add."


"Incompetent senior leader leaders (vp, svp)"

New Hire Trainer (Former Employee) says

"They hire and fired on a regular basis. I was part of a 200 person lay off. They gave us all very little notice. Alot of Nepotism. They were " supposedly" taken over by conduent. NoneNo job security, poor management"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Xerox has no respect for the workers. They allow customers to be just as obnoxious as they please.No respect for the employees. The obnoxious customers are always right.A customer lied that I had been argumentative with her when actually she was rude, disrespectful and berated me for having an accent. The management fired me."

Customer Service Rep (Former Employee) says

"I was a Customer service rep taking medical calls. Your job was threatened every day if you were not 97.25% accurate. Stress level was way to high. Benefits were horrible."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"If you like to be stressed out then this is the place for you. I would strongly recommend not applying for this place because all you are is a number who will get fired if you can't meet the goals they set, which makes it a stressful work environment.NoneIts all bad"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"This company has no advancement and cannot keep their contracts. Work hours are horrible and very very difficult on family and home life. Bid on hours and do not receive your choices. FriendsTreated like a child. No help available for problems. Bad work hours"

CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENT (Former Employee) says

"Was the worst place I ever worked. The management was horrible, no support. Training was not adequate for what you have to handle. Stress level is over the top. You should be able to hang up on rude disrespectful people and you cannot according to managers"

Data Entry Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Morning meetings contained lack of support and tearing down workers for the work they were doing, working in a large warehouse with one way in and out and NO windows was something from the dark ages. I always try to make the most of my situations but no matter how much I tried to comply it wasn't good enough."

Hardware Services Senior Planner III (Former Employee) says

"worked there for 6 years ...horrible work environment. No tools provided, no management support ... no advancement... never get pay increase/ actually make you take time off NO least a week sometimes two. benefits are poor quality and expensive..suggest looking elsewhere for employmentnone reallyto many to list"

CSR - Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Don't, just don't. You feel really great during the training (usually an outside company does the training, the people that have contracted Xerox to take care of the project). That upbeat feel disappears very quickly once you are on the floor and you realize that you are going to have very little actual support. Then you get your first paycheck and notice it is lot less than what was described because of the "bonus" then you see that you are actually paid a base rate plus a bonus for meeting some unseen quota, which very few people actually meet."

Printer Technician (Former Employee) says

"13$ hour and false promises right from the interview. Spent 2 years years being told how well I was doing while being force fed extra non contract assignments. Was let go as soon I requested a raise."

Senior Electronics Tech (Former Employee) says

"When they changed senior management in the early 90s the company lost focus and went down hill. Sold off much of its assets around 2001. Like most companies they downsized office space to work remotely. This affected the ability of sales and service to work together."

Customer Service Specialist (Former Employee) says

"This was a terrible work environment. However, it had decent benefits and the pay was okay for the area. I could drone on and on about how no one should work here, but they took care of that for me. I resigned due to health concerns and stress levels from this job. There were also rumors of mismanagement and a restructuring of the facility that had others concerned. I ended up leaving prior for my own reasons, but shortly thereafter the facility was shutdown all together. I don't know the exact reasons, I wasn't there, and don't want to spread rumors I heard from previous colleagues of mine. However, I will say that anyone looking for employment at a similar facility for the same employer should read their contract over VERY carefully, and know that you will be dealing with elderly people and their medication, this company also doesn't have the best morals and you will be forced to perform some questionable sales tactics. I don't not want to comment on Xerox as a parent company I doubt they are aware of everything going on, at least at this location. I will say I would not work for Express Scripts again in the future, regardless of salary. I am also extremely wary of mail order pharmacies now."

Senior technician (Former Employee) says

"Managers simply are not educated , Mabr high school max or so , got promoted from office boy or store carriers at xerox to ..... till being managers after 20 years or so , they depend on hiring by super false promises, super cheap ppl by natural . hiring high educated technicians with super false promises.... simply ask any of currently working tech before you get involved in such cheap environment because once you are there , you will keep losing your years and health due to the false promises like : congratulations your salary had been doubled and retroactive 3 months... you just need to wait till next quarter to get it applied, then sorry it is beginning of financial year and supervisors are busy, next April , then next August then ... ewill c !!!! What a shame xerox"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"This job is beyond exhausting. It’s more than the customers. You’ll end up waiting 15 years from help from the 2 dozen supervisors standing around meant to help you. Supervisors pick favorites.You get paidThis place will drain you of your life source"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"My coworkers were very demeaning and unprofessional. Would talk about explicit topics all the time and compare their experiences. Pulled my chair out from under me numerous times. I hated being there. I would never recommend being there. Not in the least. It ruined my future opportunities with call centers. This was not the actual Xerox company, but affiliate programs."

CSR - Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Management harassed and encouraged harassment to get rid of people. People worked years without a raise, Gave choice promotions to favorites. Reported to corporate and HR. After, Local management made life at work a living nightmare.I had a JobHarassment of employees."

Eood second level tech (Former Employee) says

"Very have to be part of the click No room for advancement No benefits They have no support or manager skill need to improve the quality of life for employee"

Quality Analyst (Former Employee) says

"It’s absolutely nothing I can say good about this company! This company has the biggest turn over I’ve ever seen. They treat grown folks like children & people would get wrote up for just about anything.NothingEverything"

Technical Delivery Manager (Former Employee) says

"Worked there 25 years, was always being held out the dangling carrot. The upper management has no sense of direction. Constant changes to staff, policies and procedures. Cost cutting to the bare minimum on staff and inventory. Customer satisfaction no longer a priority."

Senior IT Security Analyst (Former Employee) says

"I was not happy there and thought it was some what adversarial at best. I do not know what you want me to say. why do you ask? what is your goal in digging deep into my past?"

Copperwasher says

"If there was a category for zero stars the Xerox would win hands down. Having spend a small fortune on a new Versalink MF machine I have had more days when the machine isn't working than when it is working. I am waiting on my third engineer visit, received a call this morning to say the engineer would be with me AM, but nobody has arrived. apparently the engineer called me today and left me a message .... no, he didn't. Called support and he is booked for 4pm .... its now 5.30 So far today i have called technical support 7 times and 6 times they have hung up on me. Ive hunted the website and there is nowhere to call or email to Lodge a complaint so i've called technical support who will ask the back office team to call me. I am not holding my breath for a call back"

Sy Bono says

"I am a long time customer of Xerox and have leased from Xerox at over $1000.00 a month for nine years, they are very happy to take my money, but when their printer broke down I received very limited support. Their printer broke down for over a month I notified them immediately, it took them over a month of trouble shooting to identify the glitch, which meant taking all our printing to Staples (very expensive),, when their monthly invoice came in I notified them I would like a credit for the month their printer was down and reminded them that the contract clearly states they are responsible for no fault of ours (break downs)!!! They refused to credit me for the month, i didn't even request reimbursement of our printing costs tripling from our daily staples trips plus associated staff costs.. My renewal is in the next couple of months.. they can 100% forget all the sweet talk and courting that comes at renewal time.. I am going with someone else.."

Rafael Leon says

"Nobody could give me information about an error in my printer phaser 6510, they immediately cut me off.Terrible service."

Michelangelo Glionna says

"Incompetent customer service and assistance. If you got one of their printers, beg not to have any issue after your warranty has expired because they are going to charge more than a new printer: $200+tax+part for the first 30 minutes! Also, in my case their technician instead of fixing the issue, was only able to make it worse."

David Simpson says

"this is the worst company i have ever dealt with in 32 years in business. i will never buy another zerox."

Anita Clements says

"Would be nice if Sales person (who was always available up until the point I placed my order) would pick up the phone and help as soon as I start experiencing problems. cannot get through to their inappropraitely name Welcome Centre. Does a market leader such as Xerox really not care about such bad publicity online?"

Andy Dingley says

"Printer failed after two months and 200 pages. An engineer came round, pronounced it beyond help and needing a swap. Two weeks of disinterest from Xerox in arranging this. Still waiting to get a working printer. If you do have to deal with them, you need to phone daily and ask for progress updates. They won't do anything on their own."

Scarpialuik says

"Just awful customer support. I was waiting 4hrs for online chat and had this message every 10 mins or so "Thank you for your patience, all our customer representatives are busy. You are currently Number 5 in queue.". Not once did the number in queue change. I'm still waiting..."

Colin Kidd says

"Warning! This is the worst business i have dealt with. I have fallen behind on payments and have been in discussion to bring back to date. Finally, after waiting for their delays to set up a payment plan, they then threaten legal action when the delay to a payment plan was their fault. Now, payments made in front ... however also now threatening more legal action because I paid early .. and the payment is applied to last month..... never, never, never use this unconscionable company."

Sam Khalil says

"in the beginning sales person was very responsive until I made the purchase and she promised it will be training provided through Xerox trainer and we have the machine since September and we are not able to use it. I tried to contact her many times but no response. I am really surprised that a company like Xerox big name having a poor poor service. I was hesitant to write this review but have no other way to express my frustration with their support service."

John Gauci says

"workcentre 6515. Total disaster. Had it replaced 3 times with 3 different errors. After warranty expired. Another fatal error occured 065-225 and cannot use the sided auto sheet feeder. Total piece of junk. Never to consider Xerox again. the repair costs as much as the printer."

Sheraz Ahmad says

"Worst ever customer service I experienced in my life. Please do not buy from them. I bought a Xerox phaser 6510 and was able to get only 5 prints and then it stopped working and now it has been two weeks I am struggling to contact them and nobody is helping me. They said the product is not registered for warranty and I did this two times plus the printer base called them many times. The customer service representative said it could take months to update in our system and I am not sure what to do."

MG says

"Awful. Expensive products, no customer support either!"

livi olivia says

"Worst printer ever. It stopped working out of nowhere and as a result, we can't get our work done for our customers. The printer is Xerox Phaser 6500"

Lifestyle Nanaimo says

"Very unhappy with this company. Impossible to get a human on the phone to help with a billing issue, no one returned our calls. Then Xerox sends us a scathing email threatening to send us to collections. Their collections department is rude and unhelpful, and has also neglected to return our emails."

NorCal Printer says

"Terrible support all around. None of the departments talk to each other. The techs don't seem to know how to fix their own printers and frequently leave without having the problem resolved. They don't seem to understand that we can't run a business if our printer doesn't run. Have had extremely horrible experiences trying to order supplies. They say the supplies are ordered, only to have them get cancelled without my knowledge. Then 3 days later when I go to check on them, they say they've been cancelled and I have to call billing to clear up a payment issue. I call billing and they say your payment issue is cleared up. I call back to supplies and they say it's still "not in their system". I feel that Xerox WANTS their customers to never call or use their service contracts or metered supplies. HORRIBLE. I will never use Xerox again."

Maria Johnson says

"Worst customer service I have ever encountered. Bought an expensive printer. It had major issues within the first 6 months. They don't care. They don't return our calls or e-mails. They don't honor their warranty. They say someone is coming to fix it for over 2 weeks now. No one comes. We gave up and we are buying a new printer but we will NEVER buy a Xerox again."

Carmen Shively says

"I would also give a zero rating if I could. I absolutely HATE making a service call on my printers. It doesn't matter if I call on the phone or do a "quick" chat, it takes literally FOREVER for them to just place a call to a technician to come out. The chat I had with support today lasted almost 30 minutes with MINIMAL interaction with the technician. When I finally asked if he was still there, he said his system was "really slow." Unacceptable."

Nassim Hariji says

"after so many years of using Xerox printers, i'm truly disappointed of the customers service! they couldn't give me any information about an error in my printer phaser 6510. really terrible."

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